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Early Riser

Gotta get up early if you want to shoot rowing, buddy. Like 4:45 today. That’s gottam early. But it was worth it, awesome fall day up at Craftsbury, really nice stuff all day.

Pulled a new one out of the bag, using a EWA underwater housing, went subaquatic on it. This was only my 2nd go round on underwater shooting and  I’m still learning  (gotta use some kind of ballast for shooter and camera if you want to stay under water long enough, most water is really murky, etc). Still, looks kinda cool.

Up early again tomorrow morning to shoot the VT 50-mile trail run for Trail Runner. Then, straight to Boston to fly to Vegas for Interbike. At one point, I think, this all seemed like a reasonable idea.

Broke my mounatin bike yeserday, dropout weld cut loose and that was no good. Had to walk out of the woods and mountain bike shoes are not really meant for an hour of walking.