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VN cover #2 for me. I’m psyched they used this shot. The Elite Men’s race was run late in the day and the sun dipped behind the clouds for most of the race, vast majority of shots used fill flash. But there was one spot on the course, a really muddy section, and for one lap the sun was shining directly on it allowing natural light shooting. So this was the result. Not bad.

Had a sweet 1.75 hr road ride out to Tunbridge yesterday. It was pretty warm ~35, but the roads were super wet in places. The climb up T’bridge was kinda rugged on the blinglespeed, pushing a 42×18 up a 3-mile climb that averages about 6% is pretty demanding. It was cool, though, there were deer and coyote prints on the side of the road as I climbed, just enough of a distraction to make it bearable.

Big old family Christmas in store.

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