Northampton ‘cross all day Sunday. First, my race. It was cold, snow on the ground, but started to warm up quickly. The big bummer was the decision by race organizers to line us up by #, that means anyone who registered that morning would start all the way at the back of the grid. Wanna guess where I started? Exactly, the very last row. If you’ve ever raced ‘cross you know that getting a decent start is critical and I basically started in last place. So I basically spent the entire race trying to go through the field. It was kind of frustrating because I felt really, really good and got slowed down on a couple of spots by much slower riders. No big deal, though, it is just masters racing. In any event, the course was great and it was encouraging to feel so good. Which leads me to…

…the shooting, which was very nice. The course was totally different from last year, but there was a lot of sun, even if it fell funny on the course. The women’s race was sort of boring: small field and Mary M killed everyone. The men’s race, on the other hand, as great. Ryan T. looked like he was going to win easily, but he wrecked and lost his lead. From then on it was a battle for the top 4 guys. Mark M won in a sprint, unfortunately the finish stretch was totally in the shade and then some jerk jumped in front of my shot and worked the best image. I sometimes really hate the finish line shot, especially at smaller races where there’s no crowd control. However, the worst experience I’ve ever had with it was down at USPRO when a Nürenberger soigneur jumped directly into my shot of Petra Rossner winning. I was furious, but what are you gonna do?

Heading down to Jersey on friday to meet with Colavita to discuss next year and shoot the weekend’s USGP.