Bad Luck, but Not Mine

Not my tire. Jonny “El Gato” Sundt’s tire picked up a hitchhiker on the Gloucester course. Rats. At least it wasn’t a Dugast. Speaking of which, toasted a Dugast in Saturday’s race in Gloucester, but it held up until the end. Finished mid-pack, not bad considering I came down in a start melee wreck. So today I decided, for some unexplainable reason, to race the HUP blinglespeed CX. Not a optimal choice. The course was too fast and no gear would have been right. I ran a 42×17, which had me spun out on the flats and gapped on a couple steep chicanes. But both days were fun because my legs finally felt good, which they hadn’t really since I got sick at the end of August, that was a relief. The shooting was nice, rich fall sun bathing everything. Staying at HUP House North Shore out by the ocean was once again a super treat. Stying down in Boston area for a couple days of shooting, which’ll be nice because of the great weather.