Freakin Cars

If you were expecting more stellar CX shots from this past weekend’s racing, you (and I) will be disappointed. The Subaru has been in the shop off (and mostly) on for the past 4 weeks and it wasn’t done by Sunday so I had to bag going to Maine. Instead I went for a sweet MTB ride over in VT with Ben, Jamie, Bill, and Jorge Blanco. The ride was great right until I picked up a green stick in the back end that toasted the XO der. and sent me home early. That’s where it got unpleasant. I was riding down through Norwich and as I came to the main stop light just outside of town some fool woman in a Pathfinder came zooming by me on my left and promptly started to make a right turn, directly in my path. At 6’5″ and in the smurf blue HUP kit I kinda stick out, but said Pathfinder driver apparently couldn’t see me. I locked it up, rear tire skidding sideways, and I missed getting broadsided by a couple feet. I hadn’t had a close encounter with a car in a long time and I’d forgotten what a massive bummer it is – a combination of adrenaline and raw, animal anger. It shook me up for the rest of the day. Suck. BTW, the free BBQ shot is part of a new series I’m doing of all the free stuff I see on the side of the road up here. Kinda cool.