Dust in December?

Yeah, it was dusty at the final NE CX race not to mention near 50 degrees. This is the same course that was like a hockey rink last year. I preferred the icy version, but yesterday was fun anyway. I decided to race the Killer Bs as the Masters would have been two hours earlier and would have had me out the door @ 4:30 AM, ouch. Bs were fine, I started in the very last row and just worked to get my way through the maw. Felt great the first few laps, making up tons of ground, then the tank started to run dry. I ended up having a total disaster last lap – dropped chain, screwed up the sand section, hit a root with my pedal. I never thought I could lose 30 seconds and get passed by six guys in one lap but I did it. Impressive. Shot this one of Lyne B with my “new” lens set up, a vintage Pentax 55/1.8 with a screw mount adapter on my old skool EOS 1D. Pretty decent image. Good little option to have.