Argh, drives me crazy when one of my better shots is of a rider who doesn’t win. Tim J was flying on Saturday and may have had a chance to challenge Trebon had he not flatted. But that’s how it goes. I decided to toe the line yesterday in the 220-rider 35+ B race. Totally unsure of how I’d feel after a bad race Friday and a couple days of working hard, but go figure, I felt incredible. It isn’t often that racing feels effortless but I was able to go harder and harder without seeming to suffer any fatigue. I was about to move into the top-15, went to jump by a group of four and I rolled my front tire. Insert expletive here. I knew I was pushing it hard and I guess just a bit too hard. End of an up and down season with more than my share of mishaps. Take the good with the bad, at least the shooting was good and I had a bunch of fun hanging with friends and seeing some super fast CX racing.