Remember summer?

This came in the mail today, from Concept2, with whom I’ve done a ton of work. They’re a great company, really sweet people up there in Central VT. Anyway, I took the shot in the summer, July I think, when they were rowing the length of the Ct River. It was a cool trip and they used a bunch of my images which was nice to see.

Drove down to Connecticut today to do a MTB ride and photo shoot with one of the Mountain Bike editors and another rider. It’s for an upcoming travel section on the best rides in the US. We rode and shot at Case Mountain outside Glastonbury, near Hartford. The riding was pretty nice, but it’s amazing because it didn’t seem like a lot of people had ridden there recently. There were tons of leaves still on the trails, still fluffed up and not ridden off. I know it’s the end of November, but it’s been so mild I would have thought more riders would have been out on the trails. Off to Montreal tomorrow for a shoot at the World Anti-Doping Administration (WADA) with Charles from VeloNews. So I have to bust out of here way early, like 4 am, to maake it up there. And it’s supposed to snow tonight. Great.