Long Shadows, Deep Snow

Half way through March and we are up to our knees in snow. This shot was at the Havana Velodrome on a late afternoon in February. The Cuban junior pursuit squads were practicing, doing max efforts. It was funny, they were getting heckled by some U-23 individual pursuiters who were yelling that the times were really slow. The coaches were yelling, the riders were yelling, all while the juniors were red-lining it on the track. Hilarious.

Little did I know at the time that I would head back home and straight into deep winter. We got over a foot on saturday and now it’s starting to melt, which has turned our road, classic New Hampshire dirt, into soupy mud. This must be the beginning of northern New England’s mysterious fifth season: mud season. I’m heading out on the road bike with the PowerCranks this afternoon for a beating, I am sure. Two indoor sessions on the PCs and I guess I’m ready. A sudden deluge of writing to do, but a couple more wintery shoots on the horizon.